Kinesio Taping

When you’re recovering from an injury, living with pain and inflammation, or suffering from other musculoskeletal issues, Dr. Zack Edmonds at Mobility Spine and Rehabilitation in Mount Pleasant, SC offers kinesio taping and other effective healing techniques.

Guide to Kinesio Taping in Chiropractic Care
Kinesio tape is also known as K-tape and elastic therapeutic tape, and it has been used in sports for several decades. It has now become a beneficial technique in chiropractic care for many types of injuries and conditions. How does it work and what benefits does it provide? Dr. Edmonds and the team at Mobility Spine and Rehabilitation in Mount Pleasant, SC provide the answers below.

What is K-Tape and How Does It Work?
Kinesio tape is a very stretchy elastic material that is placed at specific points on the body. It pulls the skin while still allowing for the full range of movement. This provides the following benefits and more.

Pain Relief
The tape provides a slight pull on the skin, which can help tissues that have compressed stretch. Additionally, the tape stimulates pain receptors on the skin, which can alter pain signals to the brain.

Increased Circulation and Lymphatic Drainage
As the soft tissues are stretched and lifted – especially in specific areas – it helps relieve congestion of the lymphatic system. It also improves blood circulation to the areas being treated.

Injury Recovery and Prevention
K-tape does allow for a range of movement, but it also provides stability for the taped areas. This is beneficial when you’re recovering from an injury, as it provides the support you need. It can also be valuable for preventing injuries when placed on weakened areas.

One Piece of the Chiropractic Puzzle
Kinesio taping is used in conjunction with other chiropractic techniques to ensure optimal results, especially adjustments. Normally when you receive an adjustment, any tense or damaged muscles, as well as poor posture and lifting habits, can cause strain on the spine. This can undo or – at the very least – negatively impact the results of the adjustment.

However, your chiropractor can tape the tissues around your spine after your adjustment. Doing so helps keep your spine in alignment so that your next adjustment can be even more effective.

Learn more about how kinesio taping can benefit you by calling (843) 508-8185 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Edmonds at Mobility Spine and Rehabilitation in Mount Pleasant, SC today.

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