Soft Tissue Therapy

Injuries, trauma, and strains often involve the ligaments, muscles, and tendons of the affected area. Dr. Zack Edmonds of Mobility Spine & Rehabilitation in Mount Pleasant, SC, specializes in treatments for these types of conditions. He often recommends soft tissue therapy for residents of Mount Pleasant, SC, and the surrounding areas. Here are the types of therapies for soft tissue damage.

Kinetic Chain Therapy

The kinetic chain of your body includes the musculoskeletal structures that help you move. The concept of a kinetic chain was first introduced in 1875 by a mechanical engineer, and it was refined in 1995 by Dr. Arthur Steindler. The goal of kinetic chain therapy is to reduce your discomfort while promoting natural healing in the tissues. This is achieved by improving mobility and strengthening the muscles on a localized and global level.

Kinesio® Taping

Kinesio® tape, also known as elastic therapeutic tape, removes buildup in the fluid and lymphatic systems of your body. Applying the tape to areas with soft tissue damage reduces inflammation, strengthens muscles, increases circulation, and reduces the risk of further injury.  

Rehabilitative Stretching and Scraping

Rehabilitative stretching and scraping focus on the muscles of your body. Stretching improves circulation, flexibility, and joint health. Also known as instrument-assisted soft tissue therapy, scraping is a technique that targets strained muscles, scar tissue, and fascia restrictions. Dr. Edmonds uses the ConnecTX® device as part of his soft tissue therapy treatments for Mount Pleasant, SC, residents.

What Soft Tissue Technique is Right for Me?

Typically, patients need a combination of soft tissue therapies to achieve the best possible outcomes. When you meet with Dr. Edmonds, he performs an examination to identify the underlying cause of your discomfort. He then recommends the soft tissue techniques that are right for you.

If you are living with pain and limited mobility, learn more about soft tissue therapy for residents of Mount Pleasant, SC. Call Dr. Edmonds of Mobility Spine & Rehabilitation at (843) 508-8185 to schedule an appointment at his Mount Pleasant, SC, office.

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