Sports Chiropractic

When you are in need of sports chiropractic treatment in Mount Pleasant, SC, the office of Dr. Zack Edmonds at Mobility Spine and Rehabilitation offers the care you are looking for. 


In our practice, we do not confine ourselves to just one spinal adjustment technique; we use a variety of different techniques depending on what the situation calls for. We may use Diversified, Flexion Distraction, Thompson Drop table, activator, SOT, Logan Basic, craniosacral technique, and Webster technique (for our expectant patients). No one technique is perfect for every situation, and we may opt to use more than one on a patient. Sports injuries can affect people of all ages and being flexible is what is necessary for prevention and recovery. Adjustments have a common goal, to realign the nervous system and get messages traveling from the brain freely. 

Sports chiropractic involves using a variety of techniques that can help with soft tissue injuries, as well.   


This instrument is a therapeutic tool that allows your chiropractor to treat soft tissue injuries with its four distinctive edges. It can help to reduce scar tissue and fibrous adhesions. Scraping is used to massage damaged tissues. It works on muscles, ligaments, and tendons and helps break up trigger points that may cause restrictions to movement and cause inflammation and pain.  

Kinesio taping

Kinesio taping is the use of breathable, elastic sports tape created to relieve pain while at the same time providing support for muscles, tendons, and ligaments. It takes a skilled practitioner to place the tape correctly and provide the desired results. It helps to increase blood flow to the affected area, optimize performance, and reduce the chance of injury. 


Therapeutic exercise is personalized to your particular injuries and your body. Stretching has a therapeutic effect on many different types of injuries. It allows you to continue your therapy when you are at home away from the chiropractor, and gives you the tools you need to keep yourself from getting injured again.   


Electric muscle stimulation uses low levels of electric current to treat pain and inflammation in your muscles. The electricity causes the muscles to contract, and after a time, the contractions cause the muscles to tire out. When the muscles relax, it helps reduce pain. E-stim also stimulates the production of endorphins, which are your body's way of naturally reducing pain. 


For the sports chiropractic care you require, you can count on Dr. Zack Edmonds at Mobility Spine and Rehabilitation in Mount Pleasant, SC. Give our office a call at 843-508-8185 to make an appointment for a sports evaluation.

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